5 Great Ways to Save Money on Your HVAC Bill This Summer

5 Great Ways to Save Money on Your HVAC Bill This Summer

When it comes to ways to save money on your HVAC bill, especially during the hot Sacramento Summers, there’s a lot you can do.


The HVAC system in your home keeps things comfortable for you and your family throughout the year.  But the hot Sacramento summers can really impact your utility bill if your AC isn’t efficient.  Is your air conditioner not doing the job quite as well as it used to?  Is your utility bill creeping up?  If so, your AC unit’s efficiency might be the reason.  Scheduling regular maintenance, and if you live in Roseville, getting rebates from the City of Roseville for doing so, is a smart way to boost the efficiency of your HVAC system and save money on your HVAC bill while you’re at it!

Keep Up With Maintenance

You may not even think about it, but your HVAC system needs regular maintenance, much like your car, to keep performing season after season.  A money-saving tune-up in the spring and another one on your furnace at the beginning of the fall season can ensure you make the most of every part of your system.  And you’ll likely save money on your HVAC bill.

Change Your Filters Often

It’s a simple but powerful step to save money on your HVAC bill — clogged dirty filters block the normal airflow through your system.  Routinely changing the filters can reduce your energy consumption by about 15%.

Check Utility Company Rebates

Here in the Sacramento Valley, the City of Roseville usually offers rebates for HVAC tune-ups performed by a registered contractor like Absolute Comfort.  Get started here and contact us to schedule your maintenance service today.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If you didn’t see it,  check out my earlier blog post about the many advantages of getting a smart thermostat.   Do you manually adjust the thermostat to change the indoor temperature?  That habit causes your HVAC system to cycle on and off, wasting energy.  Installing a smart thermostat will allow you to track your usage and make adjustments automatically.  This is a smart way to save money on your HVAC bill!  Absolute Comfort is happy to provide professional installations for this new technology.  Check out our customer reviews and get started today!

Seal Those Gaps

As simple as it sounds, leaky windows and doors can be major causes of cool air loss in your home.  Using weatherstripping will seal the cracks between doors and windows and help keep the cool air from escaping into the outside.

Save Money on Your HVAC Bill: Summary

I hope these money-saving tips are useful for you.  Be sure to check back for our next blog post!  And if you’re in Roseville and in need of an HVAC tune-up, take advantage of the City of Roseville rebates available now and schedule a maintenance service with us at (916) 224-7159!

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