what's that A/C noise?

What’s That A/C Noise? 3 Common Noises to Conquer

Do you hear strange noises coming from your A/C? Here are three common A/C noises and what they mean.

Summertime is the time of year that air conditioners in the Sacramento region are most likely to develop problems. While we do have warm weather much of the year, AC units are under considerably more stress during the warm summer months, and the added wear and tear can make it more likely that various parts of your system will break down.

It’s essential to have your cooling system checked out by an experienced HVAC professional if you begin to notice one or several of the following warning signs.  Let’s review these unfamiliar sounds that mean your AC needs service.


If you hear your air conditioner making a grinding sound while it’s running, it’s probably an issue with the air handler. The air handler motor uses oiled bearings to keep friction low during system operation.  Over time, the bearings wear down, causing friction on the air handler. If you hear this, be sure to call for repairs right away. While this is a natural part of AC wear and tear, ignoring it and letting it go on will damage parts of your cooling system, including the motor.


Is your air conditioner making a hissing noise that sounds a bit like air being released from a bike tire? The hissing sound usually means there are air bubbles in the refrigerant line and a sure sign of a leak.

Refrigerant leaks are not normal and can lead to several potential problems for your air conditioner, so make sure you tackle it right away.


Have you noticed your air conditioner turns itself on and off every few minutes, instead of running for longer, regular cycles? This symptom is called short-cycling and often indicates electrical or compressor malfunctions.  It reduces the unit’s ability to cool your home, and over time will shorten your AC’s lifespan by several years. For this reason, you should always call on a professional as soon as you notice this problem!

If you hear strange noises or have other concerns about your air conditioner this summer, call the experts at Absolute Comfort Heating & Air for fast, professional service!

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