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Don't Forget HVAC System Maintenance This Fall

It’s an ideal time to ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently.  The fact is, routine HVAC system maintenance is critical to the overall performance, functionality and lifespan of your system for those in the Sacramento region.

Keep Your Unit Clear This Fall

Since the fall means the outdoor growing season is slowing down, it’s the ideal time of year to address any issues you may have with your HVAC system. End of summer overgrowth and clutter can obscure the intake areas of your HVAC system. Don’t forget how important it is to keep both interior and exterior units clear to keep your system’s airflow unobstructed.  This keeps your system running smooth all winter long! As part of your HVAC system maintenance, take a look at your outdoor unit and be sure to clear away any leaves, debris, tall grass or shrubs.  When trimming shrubs, try to maintain about two feet of clearance around the unit if possible.  Inside your home, make certain your furnace is clear of obstructions. A two-foot clearance here is ideal as well.

HVAC System Maintenance Improves Energy Efficiency

Nearly half of the energy expenses in our homes stem from our heating and cooling system. This is another primary reason why routine heating system maintenance is so important.  This includes an inspection of your indoor and outdoor units, a check on all fluid levels, and looking for any leaks.  It may also include testing of your carbon monoxide detectors and all motors.  You’ll be ready to handle the cold weather temperatures ahead! Your HVAC system not only provides comfort to your family season after season, but is also keeps the air in your home clean and safe. HVAC system maintenance will prevent contaminated air from circulating throughout your living space.   Many people in the Sacramento region tend to spend more time indoors once the weather gets colder.  It’s important to maximize your indoor air quality. For the best indoor air quality season after season, you should change your system air filters every three months at least. Take a look at the debris they collect, and you’re agree — the more often, the better!

HVAC System Maintenance:  Don’t Put Off Repairs

Your HVAC system is not designed to last a lifetime.  But scheduling HVAC system maintenance this Fall can certainly add a good many years to its life. In order to avoid major costly repairs and system breakdowns, make it a priority to schedule your heating system inspection at the start of Fall. Taking care of this will keep you ahead of any major repair problems. During routine maintenance and inspection, a good HVAC technician can identify any potential problems early on and provide you with an effective and affordable solution. With Fall right around the corner, take time out now to contact a professional like Absolute Comfort Heating & Air!  We will schedule your fall heating system maintenance and inspection.  We look forward to providing you with the best service in the Sacramento Valley!
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