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7 Ways to Stay Cool When the AC is Not

Is there anything worse than a broken down air conditioner on a hot Sacramento day? We know what an inconvenience this is even for the smallest amount of time that you can’t keep your home cool. While you wait for your service tech to come save the day, we collected some practical tips to help you stay cool when your AC isn’t functioning.

Keep the Light Out

The sunlight coming through your windows can dramatically heat your home. Close your blinds, shades and curtains. Blocking the sunlight from getting inside will help to lessen the sweltering heat.


If you have ceiling fans, be sure they are moving counterclockwise to draw the hot air up and circulate the cool air below. If you have countertop fans, place a bowl filled with ice in front of them. Placing this fan near the area you’re sitting will feel like a mini air conditioner rather than hot air blowing in your face.

Cool Off

When sitting in your home, place a wet or frozen bandana or towel around your neck. This provides instant cooling and temporary relief. Trade them out as they lose their chill. If you have access to a swimming pool, take a dip. And don’t forget to stay hydrated with cold beverages. Preferably not alcohol because that can have a warming effect. 


Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably cotton. 

Order Out

Or better yet, you may want to go out to dinner to escape the heat for a bit. But either way, avoid heating your home by using the oven or stove. Tonight may be a great time to use your outdoor grill or make it a salad and cold sandwich kind of night!

Open Your Windows at Night

As soon as the sun sets the outside temperature tend to drop. Open the windows at night to allow some of the heat out and some of the cooler air inside. If you have a whole house fan this is the perfect time to use it! As soon as the sun rises in the morning be certain to close those windows to keep out as much of the heat as possible.


Remember, heat rises. If you are in a two story house you may want to make plans to sleep downstairs. Take a cold shower right before bed to reduce your core body temperature while you sleep. Sleep in breathable pajamas with cotton sheets. Using the fan and ice cube trick above may help you get your zzz’s too!

Is your AC out in the Sacramento or Placer County area?

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