Furnace Installation for Fair Oaks, CA

Stay Warm All Winter With a High-Efficiency Furnace Installation

Need a new furnace, or thinking about upgrading your old furnace?  Improved energy efficiency alone can be a good reason to upgrade an existing furnace that’s still working. The new models are a smart choice as they have higher energy efficiency SEER ratings than older systems.  This means lower monthly utility bills.

Upgrade to an American Standard Furnace

We’re proud to offer American Standard furnaces, known for their reliability, high-performance heating, and energy efficiency. Enjoy consistent warmth throughout your home with a furnace installed to American Standard’s rigorous standards, backed by our exceptional customer service.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s furnaces are far more efficient than older models. Upgrading your furnace can significantly reduce your heating costs. Here’s why:

  • Higher AFUE Rating: The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating measures a furnace’s ability to convert fuel into heat. A higher AFUE rating translates to greater efficiency and lower energy bills.
  • Modern Efficiency: Pre-1990s furnaces often have much lower AFUE ratings, meaning they waste a significant amount of fuel. Replacing an older furnace with a modern, high-efficiency model can save you money year after year.
  • Environmental Impact: Energy-efficient furnaces help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Reliability: Modern furnaces are more reliable and require fewer repairs, ensuring consistent warmth throughout your home.

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How to Get Started 

Contact Absolute Comfort Heating & Air at (916) 224-7159 to schedule your consultation.

During the consultation, our trained professionals will assess your needs and recommend the best heating system for your lifestyle and home design.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing furnace or installing a new one, Absolute Comfort will ensure a timely and professional installation process.

Our Reviews

“Our heater stopped working and we have my 79 year old mother living with us and she could not take the cold in the house. I called Absolute and they were at our house within the hour and thank goodness fixed the heater. Jason was professional, knowledgeable and amazing. My mom says and I agree, that is a post Christmas miracle! Thank you Absolute for keeping my family warm and happy!!!”

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