Meet Dave Rankin

Dave Rankin has lived in the Sacramento area since he was 7.  He loves the town as there is nowhere else with quick access to rivers, lakes, mountains, beach, and wine country.  But most of all, Dave loves the people.  The heart of his business is to help solve people’s problems.  “It really feels great when I can fix someone’s air conditioner on a hot day, or their furnace on a cold day.  That look of ‘Ahhh…’ when they are comfortable again, that makes my day.”

Serving the Area for Over 20 Years

Dave started in heating and air right out of high school working for one of the larger companies in town.  He enjoyed the work, learned quickly and has been doing it ever since.  That’s over 20 years serving the heating and air needs of Sacramento!

The only pause in his career was his Navy service where he had a variety of roles.  “It was a small part of my life.  But, I am grateful for the experience and honored to have been able to serve my country in that way.”

Today he and his team keep his thriving heating and air conditioning company running efficiently and with pride in a job well done.  

Keeping His Skills Sharp

Dave opened Absolute Comfort in 2006 and likes the creative challenges of both commercial and residential service and installation.  The variety helps him to keep his skills sharp and always learning how to best help his customers.  Dave’s focus in all the challenges is mastering his craftsmanship.  “I want to provide the best job for my customer that I can; the highest quality at the best price.”

Dave is looking forward to bringing that ‘Ahhh….’ of satisfaction to you and your family!

Contractor / C10 License #905311

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