Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Saving Big on Utility Bills in the Sacramento Area

As I sit here in my warm, toasty office, I think about how I got to be here… no, not about all these reports I’m working on… but more so, I look out the window at the rainy drizzle, and compare it to how comfortable it is inside. It’s a nice 72 degrees and I think “How lucky am I?” And “Isn’t technology grand?”  What I’m referring to is my heater, and how grateful I am for it.

Comfortably Unaware

How often do we think about the technology that makes our lives so much easier? Well, I think about heaters a lot, but that’s just me. It’s actually quite common to be totally unaware of where your heater is, how it works, or even WHY it works. It’s basically just magic, right? We don’t really see it, but we sometimes hear it! Most homes have a programmable thermostat, so it takes all the “thinking” out of it and brings us joy (and warm toes) by working automatically and seamlessly.

So, how IS your heater working? Is it working well? Does it ALWAYS work? Can you remember when you had it installed? Depending on your answer to some of these questions it might be time to think about upgrading. We upgrade our phones, our clothes, and our cars, and our heating and air conditioning equipment should be no exception.

Doing the Math on Efficiency

The efficiency of your unit is hard to measure without calling on a professional but think about your utility bill. What feelings does it bring? Is it cringe-worthy?

Gas heaters are measured in what’s called AFU percentages (or Annual Fuel Usage) and depending on what rating your furnace has, it’s directly related to your bill. The lower the efficiency rating, the higher your bill will be. You can also decipher it with this: if you pay for 100% of the gas you used in your furnace, but only get an 80% efficiency, the rest goes out the flue pipe. The higher the rating the better.

The savings from a high energy efficiency furnace can be a big reason to replace your current furnace earlier rather than later.  How do you determine a heater’s fuel efficiency? Ideally, you want to look for a rating of between 1.30 to 2.50 therms. Those small numbers make a BIG difference! Every small incremental rise in rating makes a big difference in overall efficiency.

Circling Back

If you have PG&E, now’s the time to pay attention to your utility bill, which I’m sure you’ve already been doing! Due to the Camp Fire, and the upcoming (alleged) bankruptcy filing, the assumption is that they’re not just going to be raising their rates, but they’re going to be raising them soon.

So, if you have PG&E, live in the Sacramento area, and have a furnace that’s older than 8-10 years, I strongly suggest you consider having it evaluated by a trusted heating and air conditioning professional so you can start saving money on your energy bill as soon as possible!  You can contact Absolute Comfort online today or call us at (916) 224-7159 for a free quote.  Your gas heater could be costing you way more money than you think and now’s a great time to think about replacing it.

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